3 thoughts on “Pink

    • They’re very simple (giving away all my secrets now)! Just get some wooden coathangers and some home magazines (those with full page spreads about wallpaper are the best!), select sections you like with pretty patterns, rip them up into fairly small pieces, then apply to the hanger with pva. When it’s dry coat it with a layer of pva to make it glossy and shiny. Then decorate with buttons/ ribbon as you fancy. You’ll need a fair amount of paper. And glue. (Friends of mine have also used wrapping paper, which works quite well.) Good luck!

      And thank you for the lovely comments, your blog is fab too 😀 – craft and books, can’t go wrong!

  1. Thanks so much – I shall have to give it a go, although current funds won’t allow me to purchase hangers for a while. You could so easily theme these too!

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