“Good Day, Sir” (part 1)

In two weeks time I’m off to Romania for a week. A late holiday? European sightseeing? Not exactly. A team of us from church are going out with Habitat for Humanity to build houses for Caminul Felix- a family village in Western Romania. “Caminul Felix” means “happy home” and was first established in 1990 to meet the needs of young abandoned children in Romania. They provide these children with a new family, education, vocational activities and work training. From one young couple adopting five abandoned children they’ve grown: in 1992 the first Felix village was built to the east of Oradea with six families, and in 2002 the second Felix village opened with ten families, just south of Oradea. Now they’re building a third Romanian Felix village and they need more houses! So we’re going to help. I’m sure it’ll be a steep learning curve and a far cry from putting together a flat-pack Ikea bookcase.

Here’s what they say on their website, plus some links for more info, and some pictures of what the houses should look like when we’re done!

“There are millions of abandoned children in the world today. The Felix Village Ministry is a strong answer to the needs among the children without parents in our time and world. The family concept is proven to be an outstanding environment for abandoned children.
The family idea should be used around the world to meet the needs among abandoned children. ”




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