“Good Day, Sir” (part 2)

So why the Timon of Athens opening line? I thought it was appropriate as I try to learn some key phrases in Romanian for my forthcoming trip. However, I’m beginning to doubt the success of this plan, as it doesn’t look like the easiest language to learn! See some examples (courtesy of Wikipedia):

Hello : “Salut.” (sah-LOOT)
Good day :”Bună ziua” (BOO-nuh zee-wah)
How are you? : “Ce mai faci?” (cheh my FAHTCH)
Fine, thank you :”Mulţumesc, bine.” (mool-tzu-MESK BEE-nay)
My name is ____ :”Numele meu e ____” (NOO-meh-leh MEH-oo yeh ____)
Please :”Vă rog” (vuh ROHG)
Thank you very much : “Mulţumesc mult.” (mool-tzoo-MESK moolt)
I’m sorry :”Îmi pare rău” (oohm pah-reh RUH-OH)
Good-bye :”La revedere” (lah reh-veh-DEH-reh)
I can’t speak Romanian [well] :”Nu vorbesc [bine] româneşte” (NOO vor-BESC [BEE-nay] Roh-moohn-ESH-teh)
Help! :”Ajutor!” (ah-zhoo-TOR)
Leave me alone : “Lasă-mă în pace” (LAH-suh muh oohn PAH-cheh)
I’ll call the police : “Chem poliţia.” (kem poh-LEE-tzee-ah)
I’m lost : “M-am rătăcit” (mahm ruh-tuh-CHEET)
I’m sick : “Sunt bolnav.” (SOONT bohl-NAHV)

Especially for Anna:

I’m a vegetarian : Sunt vegetarian. (SOONT veh-jeh-tah-ree-AHN) 🙂

And just for fun:

I haven’t done anything wrong : N-am facut nimic rău/greşit. (NAHM fah-COOT nee-MEEC RUH-oh/GREH-sheet)
It was a misunderstanding : A fost o neînţelegere. (AH fohst oh neh-uhn-tzeh-leh-geh-reh)
This gentleman will pay for everything : Acest domn va plăti pentru tot
My hovercraft is full of eels : Vehicolul meu pe pernă de aer e plin cu ţipari


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