“Good Day, Sir” (part 3- my Romanian adventure!)

The Caminul Felix website (see post below) declares that having been to Romania you’ll never be the same again. I thought they were lying when they claimed this, or at least exaggerating, but it’s the truth. The Emma that went to Romania is not the same Emma that came back…

Regarding the physical building work, I’ll let these pictures do the talking (for which I can take no credit). Instead, here are my highlights of the week- emotional moments that really get right to the heart of what Caminul Felix is all about:

Watching a septuagenarian allowing a young boy to beat him at cards, even though they’ve never met before and because he has a charming, innocent, toothless grin as he cheats and wins every time…

A young girl, safe and smiling and happy, delighting in all the foreign doting attention, fully enjoying her first year at school and captivated by the novelty of our digital cameras…

Listening to a “house mother” describe with sadness and concern the state of two children she and her husband are about to adopt (whilst having a house full of 12 others already)- living on the streets like animals, amongst the squalor of boxes and drains whilst their father is at work- a sadness tinged with hope for the future…

Walking through a half- built house with its young lady beneficiary, excitedly talking about the imagined position of a table, mirrors, bright purple sofa and the paintings she’s designed for the walls…

Collapsing in a seizure of exhaustion after building all day, with one arm cramped up and tense (with muscle spasms affectionately dubbed “hammer claw”) but being unable to stop grinning because you know you’re helping to give young people a future and a start to life…

It’s about freedom for children, churches and a country rising from years of oppression… It’s about “Caminul Felix” – a happy home, a happier future, and family.


One thought on ““Good Day, Sir” (part 3- my Romanian adventure!)

  1. Emma…..you said it so well. What a lovely post on your blog. It was a pleasure getting to know you- and may we continue as friends ! Louise xx

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