Calligraphy and card making have been hobbies for mine for a very long time. Both are time- consuming and somewhat messy, but there’s something very therapeutic about writing with inks and nibs. And the latter probably has more to do with my magpie- like hoarding habits. If this is your compulsion too then take up collaging: hoarded items + pva glue + a pretty pattern = job done!

These lines of poetry have been hanging on our bathroom wall for ages… they’re a very early example and thus a bit rough around the edges but I still love the original concept, and the words. As for the cards, maybe one day I’ll be persuaded to give them away! (And I’m always open to commissions…)

NB: Iago is reprimanded with a “Tush!” at the beginning of Othello. Perhaps Desdemona should have had better hoarding skills: then she wouldn’t have dropped that handkerchief and they wouldn’t have all ended up in such a sticky debacle!


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