“I’ll Pheeze You, In Faith”

Another year; another pile of books. Quite a lot of these seem to have been carried over from the last pile. Don’t think I’m doing very well here. However, one of my surely ill-fated New Year’s Resolutions is to read books of different genres (i.e. less classic, historical, romantic fiction). So here we have a non- fiction memoir about a woman’s battle with breast cancer; an Italian novel in translation, recommended by Nick Clegg (!);  a very funny satire of Dr. Johnson, sprung to fame from an anonymous twitter account; a classic I claim to know merely because I’ve seen and love the West End musical; admittedly, an historical classic (Fowles), but one I incurred a huge library fine for before acquiring my own copy and am thus determined to get beyond chapter 2; a Man Booker shortlisted novel written in a new and innovative style far outside my comfort zone; Birdsong, which I’ve put off reading for too long and want to read so that I can go see the new stage show; and yes, another craft book so that I can annoy my family still further by leaving thread and scraps of material around the house! And then there’s a novel I read in proof form that I’m very much looking forward to seeing out in hardback later this year…

Any New Year reading challenges on the horizon for you? Maybe this year will even be the year I finish a Russian Tolstoy classic! (Pigs flying?!)


One thought on ““I’ll Pheeze You, In Faith”

  1. This year I want to get into poetry, after several embarrassing situations where supposed classic poems were quoted to me and I hadn’t heard of them. I thought I knew quite a bit about poetry, but I want to get a more solid grounding. I also want to find some more contemporary poets to enjoy, after reading ‘Rainbows in my eyes’ which was the most amazing poetry book that I’ve ever read.

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