“Now, Fair Hippolyta…”

Spring has sprung and this makes me want to languish poetically in plays such as A Midsummer’s Night Dream, with fairies called Peasebottom and the like. Of course the weather isn’t quite midsummer balmy yet, but there’s nothing like casting off the gloom of winter to make me ridiculously overly optimistic.

The next line of the above is “our nuptial hour draws apace” and as a whole plethora of my friends are getting married over the next six months I’ve been reflecting on pretty home-made gifts for weddings. As such I’m actually (in contradictory fashion) featuring below a fabric-covered noticeboard for my own room (matching bunting to follow) and a blanket box that some friends and myself built, painted and decorated for another friend’s baby shower. However, ideas for wedding gifts would be much appreciated, particularly, in this economic climate, items of the “thrifty chic” variety. For now I’m off to revel in the spring sunshine…