“One Man in his Time Plays Many Parts…”

I bring you a brief pictorial clue (like in University Challenge) as to what I’ve been getting up to recently (and the reasons for why I’ve been so absent from this blog), although I hasten to add that I am certainly not this sort of girl…

… and certainly not working in that sort of publishing.

This (sadly out of print) book has been causing something of a furore recently (perhaps only in the publishing world) so if you happen to have a copy do please let me know!

Indeed, Dorling Kindersley have recently taken me on as a temporary Editorial Assistant so I am currently swamped in pages to proofread, climbing a steep, mountainous, learning curve, but revelling in every second of it.

There certainly is more to a book than its cover (said tongue-in-cheek and trying to avoid innuendo)…