‘Tis the season…

… for gifting!

This year I took part in the Persephone Secret Santa, courtesy of Claire at http://www.paperback-reader.co.uk/

I love giving (and receiving!) gifts – especially books, and Persephone’s rare and beautiful classic novels are just the perfect gifting material. I fell in love with Persephone books recently (again courtesy of Claire) and up until last week the below three books were the only Persephones I owned (still – yes, you guessed it – courtesy of Claire). Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day is still by far the best book I’ve read in years.

Now, thanks to co-organiser Verity of http://cardigangirlverity.blogspot.com/ I am the proud owner of Mariana by Monica Dickens and can’t wait to curl up in a corner, cosied-up beneath blankets and cardigans, and become lost in another world. Verity also sent me a gorgeous advent calendar (and mini jigsaw!) featuring book covers, and it has been the envy of all around me at work, hung beside my desk! Thank you, Verity!

And this may give away the “Secret” nature of the “Secret Santa” game entirely, but I must apologise (again) for the fact that my recipient is, in fact, not yet a recipient. Christmas is glorious, but also prone to be riddled with disasters – including locking oneself out of one’s house!

Merry Christmas to all (and Persephone book lovers in particular)