Becoming a Londoner

When I first came to London, I knew nothing. I barely understood how to operate my Oyster card or get on a bus. Just like when I first started my job – I had no idea how to even turn on a Mac. How far I’ve come since then!

Proof that Emma can be crazy sometimes

Proof that I do sometimes do fun and crazy things

In January I made some resolutions to make the most of living in the capital, and do as many new and exciting things as possible. Start crossing activities off the bucket list, as it were. So, in the spirit of seizing the day, this week I’ve been to the theatre (I’m constantly saying that there are far too many shows and not enough time), won tickets to attend an art show, and finally been to Wimbledon, after saying for years that next year I’d definitely go. Well, guess what, after experiencing the massive queue, milling around the outside courts, getting sunburnt, and sitting on Court One for free, I’m definitely going to go again next year. This month I’m also going to my very first gig. Mumford & Sons no less. Cue great excitement. Remaining “bucket list” items include horseriding on the beach, climbing a mountain, and jumping out of a plane, amongst other crazy things…

So how is it going sans facebook? In some senses harder than I expected and in some senses easier. I don’t think I’ve missed out on anything of monumental importance yet. I was successfully invited to the pub and a spontaneous picnic lunch via other modes of communication. I enjoyed my night at the Noël Coward Theatre even without being able to “tag” my location online. Perhaps most interesting of all is that I’ve had several people expressing an interest in reducing their cyber footprints for a while. One friend in particular was disgusted at someone’s oversharing online intimate details of their wife’s waters breaking, while another was, like me, keen to find time to blog and write about the things they love, rather than spending hours crafting the perfect facebook status update.

I do, however, miss the sense of community. Is it nosy that I enjoy learning about what people are doing with their lives? Is it attention seeking that I want to share the fact that I nearly walked into John McEnroe at Wimbledon? Still searching for some compromise here. In the meantime I’m off to post a package to a friend in Vietnam and research skydiving opportunities. Carpe diem!