Calligraphy and card making have been hobbies for mine for a very long time. Both are time- consuming and somewhat messy, but there’s something very therapeutic about writing with inks and nibs. And the latter probably has more to do with my magpie- like hoarding habits. If this is your compulsion too then take up collaging: hoarded items + pva glue + a pretty pattern = job done!

These lines of poetry have been hanging on our bathroom wall for ages… they’re a very early example and thus a bit rough around the edges but I still love the original concept, and the words. As for the cards, maybe one day I’ll be persuaded to give them away! (And I’m always open to commissions…)

NB: Iago is reprimanded with a “Tush!” at the beginning of Othello. Perhaps Desdemona should have had better hoarding skills: then she wouldn’t have dropped that handkerchief and they wouldn’t have all ended up in such a sticky debacle!


“If Music Be The Food Of Love, Play On…”

Gifts. That’s what I’m pondering today, after my recent talk about home-made pressies. What gifts really are the best? Big flashy expensive ones? Rushed, panic-bought bath salts? Fail-safe store vouchers? A poorly composed love poem (from Twelfth Night, perhaps?!)? I’m firmly of the opinion that it’s the home-made, “it’s the thought that count”, “made with love” gifts that mean the most and are the best. But maybe I’m wrong. Please do dispute me. And obviously, if someone wished to buy me a big flashy piece of jewellery, or a car, or a designer handbag, then I probably wouldn’t decline…

To prove my point, here are some gifts given to myself and my family recently. My dad was recently in an accident, and so a work colleague thought to send him a gift. But what? Men are difficult to buy for at the best of times. The perfect answer: homemade Welsh Gower brownies. Perhaps not the most obvious choice, but these brownies were so delectable and melt-in-your-mouth-y that no brownies have matched up to them since. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to eat them all, but believe me if I could’ve I probably would’ve. I heartily recommend them to everyone as the proof that all the best things in life do in fact come from Wales. Check out their website and I challenge you to not let these snaps make your mouth drool! http://www.gowercottagebrownies.co.uk/index.html

Now the Gower Cottage people do say why send flowers when you can send brownies, but I still love a good bouquet. I recieved a bunch as a leaving present last month and I think they’re beautiful. Perhaps the novelty of flowers wears off after a while. I can’t say I’ve got to that stage in my life just yet. Happy gift buying, people!